About Us

OpenItem has been recently founded by a very experienced management of audio reproduction.
The foundamental object is to put within everybody’s reach the “real” high fidelity.

In the constant research of brands, that propose high quality with the cost restrain as much as possible, it follows with the greatest care (thanks to english parteners support) all productive passages, so that the products are in accordance with the necessary high standards.
From several years the audiophile is suffering very high prices that they aren’t hardly ever justified, since “debatable” experts, even with the aid of improvised “gurus”, propose this or that strange philosophy to serve up at astronomical prices any products that are worth a tenth of the proposed cost.

Openitem admirably resolves this problematic area, proposing all “brands” with a breathtaking quality/price rapport!!!.
All products distributed by openitem with excellent sonic perfomances propose themselves like competitors compared with similar products, whose cost exceedes even 4-5 times.
Openitem is a worldwide distributor of the brands:


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